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Welcome to SIMM a front-end progressive website & web app development agency in South Africa.

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SIMM is a Front-End Progressive website & Web App Development and Digital Marketing Agency in South Africa. SIMM designs and develops progressive websites and web apps. SIMM also hosts websites and creates online campaigns for your business.

Progressive Website & Web App Development is new technology to help improve your online presence. Progressive Websites are designed to be offline capable and fast. SIMM has taken this new technology and can incorporate it into your business, to bring the future of websites and web apps into your business, to take you a step ahead of the game.

Our goals are divergent to others!

We believe that every company can have extensive impact on their clients and the world. We can help achieve this by developing and incorporating our development into everyones websites and web apps.

About Us

We know the undertaking!

Progressive, Responsive, Javascript applications, PHP applications. We try to provide high quality and functionality applications and websites.


SIMM Provides three main services at our finest ability!


Progressive Website & Web App

The future of web development is here. Progressive Websites & Web Apps are incredible. Learn more now and take your business to the next level

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Social Media

Social Media & Search Engine Marketing

Modern and fully mobile responsive. SIMM does not only focus on the look of the website but how it functions. Providing SEO and Responsive web development.

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Website & Web App SSD Hosting

SIMM offers affordable website hosting plans from personal plans to even reseller. Providing a 24/7 uptime.

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